On your marks… Get set…Go!

So as a first post I’d probably better introduce myself. I’m a 40 something lady… Who is barely managing to juggle my house, husband, 11 year old daughter (and her attitude),  21 year old daughter at uni, full time job as a sales TM and one eyed ancient dementia ridden cat, whilst attempting to do the things I love. Travel, yoga, amateur dramatics and cook (not bake).

This blog is most likely going to consist of my ramblings ranging from crazed to succinct depending on the day and possibly time of day or how much alcohol I may have had at any given time. Punctuation and spelling are not really my thing (as you’ll find out very soon). I’m sure we’ll survive.

A friend, let’s just call her ‘Sara’ suggested that I start a blog. Probably after seeing all my over shares on Instagram, facebook and Snapchat. She surmised that I should put my pictures (of which their are many) and my stories in one place.  So here we are….. on your marks… get set…. go….. (may the odds be forever in your favour).


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