Bastard shopping!

Today I had to human… arghhhh! The BIG New Years shop fml! I dragged daughter No2 and the Mister Carr along because if I have to do this shit and suffer so does everyone else!!

To make it extra painful I managed to fit 4 supermarkets in!

Sainsbury’s – For the weekly food shop which was double the price of my usual weekly food shop. Apparently we really need 2 bottles of coke, 6 big bottles of tonics, blue shit for jägerbombs (actually a lot of the blue shit), far more fresh orange, pineapple and cranberry juice than will ever be required. Although if I get cystitis anytime soon I’m sorted!!! Party food which won’t be eaten…

Iceland- I thought I’d buy more party food that will not be eaten with my leftover vouchers… Luckily they had a shocking selection and I couldn’t even spend £20…Probs just as well…

Morrison’s – For the booze… Yeah we like to shop around and put ourselves through the seven circles of hell that was Keighley Morrison’s car park today…. So I neeeded more gin (some sneaky bastard drunk all mine…), more vodka and as it’s still Christmas, Kahlua! Oh, and more party food that won’t get eaten. Just as I’m about to pay the £140 for beers and spirits the Mister Carr had an urgent need to go to the Bank … I know your game matey!

Home bargains- As since I’ve decided to do the Cellophane ball game I now need actual cellphone… and wood.. and trays (not game related) .. and it’s pouring it down… by this point I’ve been abandoned for the day by both daughter no 2 and the Mister Carr…. They buggered off to snooker straight after escaping the seven circles of hell that is Morrison’s car park.

So that leaves me arriving in the torrential rain at home with the bastard shopping!!! One thing I hate more than anything is putting shopping away… is it too soon to drink??

Oh and their was no pleasure in having spent this ridiculous amount of money! I didn’t even get anything pretty! So you had better eat my party food..,, you know who you are! The Kahlua is mine so lay off! Anyone for a gin?

*Update – The bastard shopping has now been stashed / rammed unceremoniously in the fridge / freezer or anywhere it will fit. The fire is lit and I’m contemplating the BIG New Years clean but that’s a story for another day.


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