You gotta have a dream!

As I huddle on my sofa alternating between drinking coffee, drinking water and stuffing as many of the left over sausage rolls down my throat as is humanly possible. I’m thinking about what I want from 2018. I could just coast through the year with no resolve, see where the year takes me, like the free spirit I’m really not. I’m too uptight to truly be a free spirit. Even if I can imagine myself flouncing around fields of flowers whilst the evening sunset dapples on my glowing skin, shimmering off my toned abs, my long lithe limbs gesticulating wildly in a tribal dance as old as time itself…. I still have so much alcohol in my system right now. I was totally shit faced last night. I partied hard!

So we’ve established that I’m not going to meander aimlessly through 2018, not least because I don’t have toned abs, long lithe limbs or even glowing skin right now. I blame the 4 hours sleep and huge array of shots of fuck knows what. But how am I going to conquer life in 2018? Well the honest answer is I don’t actually know. What I do know is that we have plans. Anyone who knows me well knows I’m all about the lists and my plans.. Normally made when I’m rat arsed and surrounded by my friends. God I love a plan! Plans to visit Florida with our friends and partners in mischief, plans to have a spa day, go race fancy cars and maybe return to NYC at the end of the year.

I have other plans. I plan to follow this journey that I’ve started with this blog. Who knows where it will take me or maybe it will just fizzle out. What I do know is that writing is like breathing to me. I wish I’d done this sooner. Finding my voice using the written word is liberating! Everyone should give it a go! Although, apparently I still have massive issues with my grammar. Maybe that’s something I’ll work on?

I could say I plan to be fit and healthy but I think that goes without saying! Let’s face it I have 8 months to get this wobbly winter body beach ready…. Jesus Christ….. Shudders whilst eating the last of the sausage rolls.

Last nights party was epic btw! So I’ll have more of that this year please. Without the banging head and alcohol related dehydration sweats the next day. We drank so many shots of indiscriminate origin that at one point my 64 year old mum had to down one of mine and take one for team Sarah. Things could have gotten seriously out of hand if I’d drunk the neat rum. No one needs a replay of the neat rum incident of 2014…. (It was messy and involved me throwing up out of my bedroom bay window, it was summer… their were flies).

This year I’m going to believe in myself! I’m strong, I’m proud, I’m worthy, I’m beautiful and I can do anything I set my mind to! Said whilst still in my pj’s with last nights make up still smeared on my face! I got this!

I really just want to be happy and drama free this year… Please… I don’t want to deal with the bullshit, the mediocrity of it all, the stress in my life. I’ve paid my dues. I’ve earned the right to be happy and have a settled relationship, be loved faithfully, have a balanced work life and film script worthy family time and friendships. If I could have anything it would be just that! I don’t think I’m being unrealistic, although maybe I am still pissed. I’m aiming high if I don’t who else will?

As Bloody Mary in South Pacific tells us:

You gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, How you gonna have a dream come true?

Ok, so she was trying to pimp her daughter out but you know the sentiment was there.

So that’s my New Years goals sorted. Time for a bacon butty and a brew. The beach body can start when I’m not rough as a badgers arse!

Happy new year folks!


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