I almost didn’t post today. I had to think about it for a good couple of hours, but it’s very hard to keep me quiet, ask anyone who knows me.

The reason I almost didn’t post wasn’t because I had nothing to say. I always have something to say whether you want to hear it or not… Someone asked me why I’m doing this and my answer was why not? I like talking and writing is just an extension of my chattering. The feedback has been good so far and I have some followers, so someone, somewhere is interested enough to want to follow me and read more of my ramblings.

I was laughed at. But that’s fine as not everyone will ‘get’ why I’d want to do this. I guess it’s funny if you don’t really know me or know that I’ve kept my own journals for years and that I wanted to write when I was a kid.

I’m likely to be more than laughed at if I carry this on. I’m laying myself open to criticism by posting in the public domain. Not everyone will like what I have to say or how I say it. But the beauty of posting like I do is that if you don’t like it, don’t ‘get’ it … Well don’t read it. Find something you do want to read, something that piques your interest and please ignore my posts. No one is going to pin you down and force your eyes open and make you read a post. Well not if you’re aren’t my immediate family anyway… If you are family you are screwed! Also, you can laugh at me because I’m funny! That’s the fucking point.

I was going to post about how the fuck has one of my neighbours wheelie bins blown over the day before bin day… I can’t even move mine it’s so heavy. Tomorrow morning is going to be ace! I mean, they’ve not been emptied for two weeks and it was Christmas for gods sake. Seriously how do you have a half emptied waste bin? I recycle like a good un and I still have an overflow of three bin liners full of normal waste just waiting for the bin to be emptied! Well, I had three. I now have two thanks to the wind last night, winning! If a bin liner of crap turns up in your garden it is definitely not mine……

See I can literally talk about anything!!

Anyway going back to the question why? The answer is because I want to, because I’m enjoying it and just because I can!

Night all xxx


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  1. Lindi Roze says:

    Yes! Just because is a good enough answer.

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