Comfy seats, fresh bedding and an out of tune rendition of Runnin

Saturday the day of rush rush rush! Daughter no 1 was trialing a new theatre group and luckily we had Mister Carr to Chauffeur us. We won’t be that lucky next week. Sigh. He’ll be in Germany and so it’s down to the scaredy cat driver. Arghhh!

She loved it.. Yey… So an inordinate amount of money later and more that one rendition of Runnin… With notes I’m pretty sure were never in the original. I’ll be honest it’s like she decided she didn’t like the key the song was written in and so replaced a few notes with some of her own (her very own). Let’s just say it was pretty special! So special I got her to sing it to Mister Carr on the way to the cinema later. She had it on repeat. We are bad parents.

Since Mister Carr had fulfilled his husbandly duties by being chauffeur and buying me flowers he buggered off to snooker for the afternoon. Daughter no 2 and I decided to treat ourselves to tea out before picking him up. I only went and ordered the meal that took the longest when we were in a rush. The only reason I chose it was because Daughter no2 ordered a bloody steak “medium rare” if you will. So that meant I had to go with the cheaper meal. There is something very wrong with this! There is also something very wrong with me being sat in a bar and not having a glass of wine… I hate driving! It’s the spoiler of fun!

Our waitress tried to get me out of having to buy daughter no 2 (who is only eleven btw) the steak. Problem was I’m a dumb ass and it took me so long to cotton on I’d pretty much upgraded her from rump to sirloin! The waitress had been looking at me really intently and may have winked. I just thought she had something in her eye if I’m honest. She was properly staring when she was telling me they may not have any rump steak and did I want her to check with the kitchen so I could get my darling daughter something else… I just got confused and said she’ll have to have sirloin if the rumps off the menu. Durr! She must have thought I was a complete numpty. Anyway one rump steak later and I remembered I hadn’t asked them not to use sea salt.. ffs!! She’s tucking in to her steak and I’m waiting for her lips to swell up. Bad parent moment! Happens to us all at some point. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

We watched the last Jedi and Mister Carr and daughter no1 were so giddy! I’ve gotta admit it was pretty good. I especially loved the lay back seats they were awesome. Oh and I cried every time I saw Carrie fisher.

On the way home there was some right shit on radio 1. I felt well old. Best part though was Mister Carr and I acting like idiots and raving in the front while daughter no 2 tells us she’s never been so embarrassed… Our job here is done!!!

This morning was a bit pants, seeing Mister Carr off for the week. We normally get to keep him till tea time at least but since he was flying he had to leave at 9.30 am. We won’t see him till Saturday night now. It is rubbish but we’ve got it so much easier than many of my mates and families whose partners are in the forces or work away for months at a time.

Anyway since I’d had to get up early I finally changed the Christmas bedding and put my new fresh bedding on for tonight and the best part is I’ll be the first in the bed. Silver linings… Oooh fresh bedding, Bliss!


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